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How to Schedule an Appointment

Growing Bones Pediatric and Neuromuscular Orthopaedic Institute, Dover Delaware. Justin Connor, MD, Board Certified Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon.
  1. Log in to your Patient Portal account.
  2. Click the Appointments option on the left side of the Patient Portal window.
  3. The scheduling window appears.
  4. Select a reason for the new appointment from the menu.
  5. Click the Find Appointments button.
  6. Calendar appears, along with provider and location menus, and a time of day selector.
  7. Select your preferences using the calendar and one or more of the filter fields: Provider, Location, and Times options.
  8. Appointments that meet your criteria appear on the right side of the window.
  9. Select an appointment.
  10. The appointment information is displayed for your review.
  11. Review the information to make sure it's correct, and enter a note for the provider if you want.
  12. Click the Schedule Now button. The Patient Portal displays a confirmation message and sends you a confirmation email.
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