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Pediatric & Neuromuscular Orthopaedic Institute, Dover DE

Growing Bones Pediatric & Neuromuscular Orthopeadic Institute is dedicated to expanding exceptional subspecialty orthopaedic care to all children and individuals with chronic neurological conditions in Central and Southern Delaware.

We treat all general pediatric orthopaedic conditions including: Trauma, Congenital & adolescent disorders, and sports injuries.

We specialize in the care of children and adults with chronic neurologic conditions including: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and Down's Syndrome.

Dr. Connor is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon who provides general pediatric orthopaedic services to all children as well as subspecialized orthopaedic services for children and adults with neuromuscular disorders. Pediatric orthopaedists are specifically trained in the care of childhood conditions and injuries. Neuromuscular conditions are disorders, often diagnosed at birth, that have their own specialized needs. Furthermore, when children age out of the traditional pediatric system they often have significant difficulty in transitional services into adulthood. Dr. Connor is committed to providing services that address health disparities across Kent and Sussex county. Growing Bones believes that every child deserves exceptional care everywhere.