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A broad scope of experience and expertise in the treatment of diseases, injuries and impairments of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves.

Growing Bones Pediatric and Neuromuscular Orthopaedic Institute - Dover, DE

Dr. Justin Connor is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon that initially grew up with a dream of becoming a primary care pediatrician servicing health care disparities in underserved populations. While in medical school, he discovered pediatric orthopedics and was impressed by the immediate and long-standing impact that it made on children's lives.

Dr. Connor's constantly-renewed motivation comes from his observation that kids that have an acute injury or medical condition will immediately go back to being playful joyous kids within minutes of addressing their problems. It is their nature. This motivation has allowed him to train and join the medical staff of some of the best medical programs in the country.

More about Dr. Connor's Background:

  • Trained and worked at a US NEWS top 10 hospital within their world-renowned neuromuscular orthopedic division.
  • Trained and served as an interpreting surgeon for the accredited Gait Lab, one of only 7 in the country.
  • Took over the role of directing surgeon of the spina bifida program.
  • Helped in the formation of the Parent action committee for Cerebral Palsy.
  • Board Member of United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Association of Delaware since 2011.
  • Member of the Multidisciplinary treatment and transitional team for Neuromuscular patients.
  • Experience at a Level I trauma facility.
  • Strong working relationship the specialty physicians at Nemours from pre-existing relationships.

"I've been fortunate to have been trained by some of the best subspecialty physicians in the region and these experiences have allowed me the opportunity and experience to offer these services full-time to families locally."

Fractures, infections, sprains, sports injuries, congenital conditions and deformities, gait abnormalities, scoliosis, back pain, degenerative neuromuscular conditions (muscular dystrophy), overuse injuries, bone health and fragility, Down's syndrome, prosthetic and orthotic management, hip dysplasia, bony and muscular tumors, flatfoot and bunion correction, toe-walking, in-toeing.

Dr. Connor has extensive specialty experience with cases that are referred to a tertiary hospital structure that are some of the most difficult conditions known to treat. He has specific experience in complex trauma, spina bifida, Cerebral Palsy, congenital club feet, spasticity, and complex gait abnormality. Several of these conditions require an advanced understanding about the use and application of prosthetic and orthotic accessories (braces) on an ongoing basis to maximize function. Dr. Connor practices a multidisciplinary approach to neuromuscular conditions including therapies, directed medications including Botox, muscular and bony surgery that are customized for the specific needs of the patient.

As a transplant to Delaware, Dr. Connor immediately took note of a significant geographic disparity to high-quality pediatric subspecialty care in the central and southern regions of the state. Unfortunately, the great care that is known to exist in Wilmington and Philadelphia is a burden to access as there are few points of access servicing the other portions of the state or southern Maryland. The reason that Dr. Connor decided to establish Growing Bones here is because there is a profound local need that has been expressed by patients and primary care referring providers for all fields of pediatric specialty care.

Children are not simply small adults. They have specific and specialized needs that must be addressed in a time-sensitive manner to achieve the best results. Their "growing bones" pose different challenges than those of adults. Sometimes, what looks like a problem in a child is just a variation that the child will outgrow over time. Some common pediatric problems don't even occur in adults. As a Pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Connor, his supporting staff, and medical approach are focused on the unique needs of kids and families to create a comfortable, patient-focused and family-friendly environment.

A misconception that is changing is that high-quality pediatric care for acute and chronic orthopedic conditions is not available locally. These services are available to the community right now, and Dr. Connor and Growing Bones are continuing to build a program with Bayhealth that is able to address the orthopedic needs of children Central & Southern Delaware as well as Southern Maryland.

"My role as a surgeon is to provide a service to my patients. Some patients with chronic conditions have been given difficult and disheartening news by other medical professionals for years. I take pleasure in telling families what they 'can do' and 'will do' despite some of the limitations that they may be experiencing. My interventions are focused on enhancing quality of life and improving function.

We not only service children, but also adults that were born with life-long neuromuscular conditions that require ongoing orthopedic management. Our Institute's model allows us to maintain continuity of care for these patients even when they 'age out' of the traditional pediatric system."

We service and support Bayhealth Emergency Rooms in Smyrna, Dover and Milford. Surgical inpatient and outpatient services are provided at Bayhealth's Kent Campus.

Our office is located at 1057 S Bradford Street in Dover, DE. We are accepting new patients and participate with the most common insurance carriers in the region.

Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM M-F.